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Treatment Centers

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Cardio Vascular (CV) Center

Saving lives from cardiovascular disease occurring without prior notice.

CV center, opened for the first time in southern part of Gyeonggi-do, is operating for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to provide emergency treatment service for cardiovascular diseases occurring without prior notice. At CVC, professional cardiopathy specialists are always ready for your urgent service and it is operating with advanced top-notch medical equipments such as Angio as well as the heart functional test room affiliated to CVC

Emergency medical (ER) center

The only regional medical emergency center in southern part of Kyonggi-do

At ER center professional staffs are working for 24 hours per day. There are emergency medicine specialists nurses and emergency rescuers. ER center is providing the proper treatment and operation for various life-threatening emergency cases including MRI, CT and supersonic, and etc.

Health Medical Examination (HME) Center

The easiest way to protect health is early health medical examination

Provide various health medical examination programs according to characteristics of customers’. In addition, prescription about nutrition, stress and exercise are provided by analyzing comprehensive health information. If further medical examination is needed, we connect patients to the appropriate specialists for further treatments.

Neurosurgery Spine (NS) Center

Precise diagnosis and management by cooperation of medical treatment between western medical science and oriental medicine

Consisting specialists of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Neurosurgery Spine Center specialists are devoted for patient's cranial nerve /spinal disease diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation. 
* Stroke (palsy)/ dementia /arachnoid cyst/ myelomeningocele/ hydrocephalus/headache/dizziness/epilepsy/palsy in the hand/parkinsonism

Endoscope Operation Center

Effective operation is possible with the smallest incision

Top class medical staffs are operating minimal invasive surgery with smallest incision, resulting in reducing pains and recovery time. 
* Surgery (laparoscope operation, breast tumor extirpation)/ chest surgery department (thoracoscope operation), neurosurgery department (vertebra laser operation, vertebra endoscope operation)/ orthopedic (arthroscope surgery) urology (urethroscope, bladder sclerosis operation)

Endoscope center

Comprehensive treatments in various aspects by ten professional internal medicine specialists

Improves the efficiency of treatment by accurate diagnosis through endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatograhy(ERCP), mucous membrane resection, top and bottom stomach tube endoscope, colonoscopy etc. 
* Sleep endoscope, Hemorrhage, Cholelithiasis for 24 hours emergency endoscope, Analgesia endoscope, Biopsy, Polyp extirpation

Artificial Kidney Center

Hemodialysis treatment is provided in comfortable medical environment and stabilized atmosphere.

Treating patients like family and providing a high quality hemodialysis service by using the safe and precise new artificial kidney machine and synthetic dialysis which has excellent biocompatibility. 
* Acute renal failure/ Chronic renal failure/ Hemodialysis/ Peritoneum dialysis/ Bloody urine/ Albuminuria/ Diabetic kidney disease

Pain Clinic Center

Intercepts the vicious circle circuit of ache and it treats the cause of ache basically.

Cure the cause of pains fundamentally by intercepting the vicious circle circuit of ache and recovering excited peripheral nerve and central nerve up to normal condition. 
* Drug therapy, Physical therapy, Nerve-block technique