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Full Coordination System

Baeksong Medical Foundation,Good Morning Hospital
International Healthcare Center Members

Operating Hours of International Center
ㆍ8:30AM ~ 5:30PM (MON ~ FRI)
ㆍ8:30AM ~ 1PM (SAT, HOLIDAY)

ㆍPlease call (031)5182-7690~7693 to make an appointment during the operating hours.
ㆍ You may also send us e-mail to goodmhos@hotmail.com to make an appointment.
ㆍOne day advance reservation will be appreciated.
ㆍOne-day advance notice will be appreciated for appointment time/date change or cancellation.
* For emergency, call 119.

Emergency Care
Designated as ‘Area Emergency Medical Center’ by Gyeonggi-do
Our Emergency Center is designated as ‘Unique Area Emergency Medical Center’ of southern Gyeonggi-do. It is recognized as ‘Excellent Emergency Medical Center’ by Ministry of Health and Welfare.

At our Emergency Center, professional staffs (specialists in emergency medicine and chest surgery specialist, highly-trained nurses and emergency rescuers) are working 24 hours a day. ER center is providing the proper treatment and operation for various life-threatening emergency cases including MRI, CT and supersonic, etc.