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Baeksong Medical Foundation,Good Morning Hospital

"Good Hosptal, Happy Morning"

2012 ~ 2018

ㆍReceived 1st grade rating for 'Gastric Cancer Mortality Rate’ by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
ㆍReceived 1st grade rating for ‘2012 Adequacy Test of Stroke’ by Ministry of Health and Welfare
ㆍStarted overseas medical volunteering at The National Care Center of Batcumber in Mongolia sponsored by Republic of Korea National Red Cross and Pyeongtaek Red Cross
ㆍIntroduced the Next-generation ultra-precise MRI 'Achieva 3.0T TX' by Philips
ㆍHeld the 7th friendly exchanges and academic seminars with China Rizhao City People's Hospital (in South Korea)


ㆍ'Declaration of vision-New Way 2012 ' held for 30th anniversary of Baeksong Medical Foundation Hospital and 10th anniversary of Good Morning Hospital
ㆍOpening of ' Gyeonggi-do Geriatric Hospital'
ㆍReceived the the region's first 'Medical Certification Acquisition’ appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services
ㆍAwarded ‘Grand Prize’ from Labor, Management Culture Award
ㆍReceived 1st grade rating for ' Adequacy Test of Acute Myocardial Infarction’ by Department of Health and Human Services
ㆍReceived the acquisition of 'Interventional Cardiology Certification Authorities'


ㆍReceived 1ST grade rating in ' Adequacy Test for Management of Patients with Acute Stroke’ for two consecutive years (Dept. of Health and Welfare)
ㆍOpened Department of Nuclear Medicine, state-of-the-art cancer diagnostic equipment (PET-CT) and Gamma Camera were introduced
ㆍIntroduced 64 channel CT
ㆍCelebration of Cardiovascular Center exceeding 3000 cases


ㆍCertified as Best HRD (Human Resource Development) by the Ministry of Labor and four-government Departments.
ㆍWon the 11th Gyeonggi-Volunteer Conference
ㆍAdoption of EMR (Electronic medical record) to provide a state-of-the-art medical service.


ㆍOpened International Center for Foreigners( ICF) Contracted Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kyonggi-Do Foreign Investment Association.
ㆍRecognized as ‘Excellent Emergency Medical Center of 2008 year’ by Ministry of health and welfare.


ㆍThe First meeting of international friendship and scientific seminar with Iljo-city people’s hospital of china in China
ㆍGot a prize for ‘Excellent Culture between Employees and Management’
ㆍDesignated as a training hospital for intern and Resident in 2007 and 2008 year
ㆍAll employees joined the Red Cross society


ㆍGained the 7th place in ‘2005 Evaluation the whole medium and small sized hospital’ by Ministry of health and welfare
ㆍOpened the Cardiac & Vascular Center and Brought in new equipment for Angiogram
ㆍGained the first place in ‘The 3rd Lifelong Study awards’ by Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
ㆍContracted cooperative relationship with Seoul National University Hospital

2003 ~ 2005

ㆍFor the first time established the new paradigm of working system among domestic general hospitals (40 hours working for one week) and lifelong learning system
ㆍGot a grade ‘A’ in evaluation of Emergency Center by Ministry of Health and Welfare
ㆍRecognized as ‘Excellent Company in Equal Employment of Sexes’

2001 ~ 2002

ㆍOpened Good Morning Hospital (GMH), a subsidiary of Baeksong Medical Foundation, which is the largest hospital in southern part ofGyeonggi-do and specialized in cooperative medical services between western medical science and oriental medicine. (9 medical treatments, about 20 medical specialists and more than total 400 beds)
ㆍDesignated as ‘Excellent Service Quality’ by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy


ㆍOpened Sung-Shim Oriental Medicine Hospital (Habjeong-dong 883 bunji) (80 beds)


ㆍOpened Pyeongtaek Sung-Shim Hospital (Tongbok-dong 88 bunji)
ㆍOpened Pyeongtaek Han-Il Hospital (Pyeongtaek-dong 64 bunji) (60 beds)